Simply never build your forever  in the foundation of temporary people. Never do It! Do not loose your light keep shinning.

A wrecked person is one of ruined health, someone in bad shape physically or mentally, also it can be a person who is feeling so sad, confused, or desperate because of something bad that has happened to them, this can lead to be emotionally wrecked.


We all know that you were wrecked. But why should you be like this person who wrecked you? This is the only question that has an answer that only comes out if only you handle the situation differently.

Yes!! you are allowed to be depressed but not forever. Remember the person who wrecked you does not care even one bit, the person never worries about how you are copping. This mean person who may have made the best decision by departing from you’re life, is even somewhere else making another soul sad. This could be you best friend, your precious desky, your love or lets generalize its the person you cant do without or never get over them and this makes you more bitter.


People will never understand how stressful it is to explain whats  going on in you head when you don’t even understand it yourself.

Well it will reach a point that you try moving on by giving someone else a chance and this new person is so sweet,so genuine, they make you laugh so hard. You can tell that they are the best thing that ever happened to you. But because you are emotionally wrecked you still remember  the one before them  and the dull ache, sudden painful thoughts get worse until its too painful to ignore them. You end up pushing the new person away, so harder and more harder until the person is tired of resisting anymore and closes the doors they have opened for you.


Well the damage is done, it hurts so much but its all done and you choose moving on with bitterness from the person who wrecked you emotionally  because you cant look again. This is a major effect of being the person who wrecked you.



Lone soul

A lone soul can either be enjoying your own company and being your own best friend or a feeling that no one cares at all.

Have you ever laid down and thought about  how you have so many friends but in actuality you have none. Well its not like you want to think about it but you still do, then you may end up crying but you don’t want anyone to hear. So you start silent crying and this is the most painful part because you want to scream and cry loudly, so that you can let your emotions out but you end up covering your mouth and lay in bed fully, covered then close your eyes and let your tears and fears to consume you.

 At some point you can compare yourself with a gas station where people come into your life when they need you, spend a little time there but then they end up leavinglone“Well if a girl is silent or distant she is either over thinking, tired of waiting, about to blow up, needs a hug, falling apart, crying inside or all of the above…”

Well when you feel alone, you can make a list of things that you like about yourself, treat yourself, cut down on your caffeine intake, read an interesting book, watch movies,do something for yourself without feeling guilty. You can also go for a hike or long walk, trying something like dancing classes, cooking or baking classes or even yoga.

some people tend to enjoy there own company because they find it convincing and they understand that there a lot of billions of people experiencing there day in a different way so they get over loneliness.

simply distant yourself from people who lie to you, disrespect you, use you and those that put you down.